22-xx Stages for Stage Library

Updated to 1.7.21 today. Only found 22-05 on Stage Library, missing 22-01 - 22-04. Will there be a corresponding update to PS for iOS to add 22 series stages?

Currently these stages are “potential” classifiers.
USPSA is not asking us to include them. They are monitoring the results for the next three months. At this time we will not be adding them to the iOS system.
This is the official wording from USPSA.
When setting these stages up in Practiscore for your club match please use the stage name with the brackets [##-##] and do not mark as a classifier stage so that we can easily track the reported results.

Here is a link to their announcement.

@Thomas_R_Campbell I’ve added these “maybe” classifier stages in the last Android app.

Though it seems like there is an issue in yhe app preventing to see these stages. I will have to post another app update to address it.

I’ll be watching or the update. Thanks Eugene.

December 9, 2022 USPSA announced six 22-xx Classifiers, four of the five provisionals (not 22-03) plus 22-06 and 22-07. Schedule for addition to stage libraries?

The 22 classifiers are live on Android.
The timeline for iOS is somewhere around the first of the year.
But if you’re using iOS you can just build a stage and name it with the correct classifier name and it will upload to USPSA.
ie. “(22-01) Right Tighty”

The provisionals are there on Android 1.7.22 and 1.7.23, but not 22-06 and 22-07. 22-03 was not approved as a classifier.

The work is done. But no ETA on the app update yet.

Update? Planning 22-06 this weekend.

Unlikely for this weekend. Currently I’m struggling to find time to do sufficient testing.