When setting up new match made additional field required but shooters that sign up can bypass and not answer

We set up our 2022 Arkansas Section USPSA Championship match and added a field asking if the shooter is a “Ark Section Club Member”, list the names of clubs to pick from and made this required. Several shooters when signing up have bypassed this field and don’t answer even though we asked them to please pick one from list below. How can we make this field required and not bypassed?

Your line of “Please pick from the below list” is a choice. So doing nothing is a choice.
Get rid of that line or better yet change to the radio button format.

When I go in to change I don’t see the radio button to click on.
Sorry, have not set up too many matches, taking over from someone that is no longer here.

It’s called a single selection field when you make a custom field.
I’m also curious why you are having people mail in Match fees when you could have them pay online through PractiScore.

Take a look at this tutorial when you have time

Thank you, will go in and get it corrected.

The reason we do not use Stripe is because our account was hacked two years ago and we did not recoop all the shooter fees that were taken. We did get part of the money back. So the Section Coordinator and Treasurer are not comfortable using it again.