Waiver for past match

I hosted a match in June, now insurance company is asking for proof a shooter signed a waiver during match sign up. I placed a waiver as part of my sign up sheet. Is there a way to retrieve this information after the match?

Thank you

Go into the past match through the club portal. Use the approved view shooter list from the drop-down button. Export the full spreadsheet. It lists every shooter and time and date stamped when they approve the waiver in one of the columns.

Match at this time is only in the match results column I don’t see a way to click on approve view shooter list. I don’t see a drop down menu.

You have to go into the club page. Since the match is past you have to tap on the number of matches in the right hand corner of the box and all of your past matches will open. Once you have the past match you can tap on the blue button in that match and it will open all your options. Choose approved view shooters. Then in the top right hand corner of that box you can export the CSV file.

I find the match in match results. click that. I can see the results but no blue button just results and the only blue button says “Claim results for Club”

You are looking at match results. You need to be in the club section of the web page.
Not on the scores page.
The clubs page for Alder Brook is the area where you create matches.
Here are screen shots of your club.
I would ask that you review this tutorial on the community site about.

ahh got my head out of my fifth point of contact now! Thanks-