Viewing all/split times on iOS pad locally

I know how to use the Practiscore Competitor App and how to view the “Time Chart” from the app, however I am trying to find the splits and all individual shot times on the local iPad itself after sync’ing and using the Clock/download button to load the times into the pad. On Android devices, you can see all of the times (in VERY small text) below the scored targets, but I’m not seeing any of those details on an iOS pad. Is that feature simply not available until you upload results to Practiscore and then view it with the Competitor app?


I think there is a button on the scoring screen. Opens a split times screen similar to what you get when tap on the “Time” label next to the time entry on Android.

I took two photos so you could see where I was pointing.
All the splits are available on the scoring screen.

Thanks guys! However, I’m trying to avoid having to do the manual effort of getting a calculator to figure out split times. I’m not next to my ipad to look at the results myself but in the screen shot I see the time that was recorded for each shot but in the example posted I would need to take 2.32 - 1.96 to know that the 2nd shot was a 0.36 split.

Is there a screen or option to show both the total time of the shot along with the split and the shot number to quickly compare this data from the pad vs having to upload to PS and then use the competitor app to analyze it? Or is this type of enhanced data available from the “PractiScore Log” app for $14.99?

There is not that option on iPad. The scoring app is built for scoring, not necessarily training.
If you are trying to get all these details while training on the range you should consider Eugene’s PractiScore Log App.

I don’t think the PractiScore scoring app for iOS provides such option. However you can export that match from the scoring app and the import it into the PractiScore Competitor app on the same device.

The presentation and functionality of the PractiScore app for iOS will be updated with the major app update that is being in the works.

The PractiScore scoring app is optimized to run and score matches.

The PractiScore Log app is created to assist with the range practice. If that is what you are after, you may want to take a look at it. See more details at PractiScore Log app info

Thx again guys for confirming! I’ll probably buy the enhanced app and then I’ll also look forward to the next version of the “regular app”.