Upload from Ipad to Website

I am using the Cowboy template and had to change the divisions a bit because some are no longer used and had to add a couple.

How do I upload that to the website so people can register with the new divisions?

You are really working things backwards.
The match should be created on the website first then downloaded to the master scoring tablet.
You can adjust division names on the webiste but if you have an updated version of the App everything should be correct.
Please review this tutorial.

Thanks…I have reviewed this.

Two Divisions that are no longer used are “Traditional” and “Modern.” El Rey is a new Division. How do I add/delete Divisions on the website?

When you create the registration page go to the division section open it up and change or delete whatever you need.

If the sanctioning body is changing their divisions and they let us know we can modify things.

Included is the link for 2023 SASS Rule Book with all of the divisions declared on Page 10.

2023 SASS Cowboy Rule Book

Update…The categories start on page 9 of the pdf file (Page 5 as noted on the bottom right corner)