Scoring for run and gun matches--wait times

Let me preface this question with the statement that I know nothing about computers or writing code, so while this seems like a simple idea to me, I realize that there is probably a lot more that goes into it.

During a long car ride home after a run and gun match where it was evident that there were some scoring issues, my buddy and I had an idea.

After attending a number of run and gun matches, and MDing a few myself, it seems like PractiScore does not have an ideal method of dealing with wait-time. Wait-time is, of course, the time a competitor waits at a stage before it’s their time to shoot. This wait time is usually written down on a roster and has to be added up for each shooter (times how ever many stages there are in the match) and then subtracted from their start-to-finish time, so that the wait time comes off–thus giving the actual run time. This involves lots of writing and math, that is prone to errors.

Would it be possible to write into PractiScore an option for a ‘wait time bucket?’ An option that could be selected/checked/applied (just like a bonus target) so that it shows up on all stages–but only takes the time off of whatever stage the MD has set up as the run-stage (if the match has 5 stages, there will usually be 6 stages in the iPad–5 shooting stages and one stage that is the run).

When a competitor is finished waiting, and are called to the line, they stop their watch and read the wait time to the score keeper. The score keeper records it in the ‘wait time bucket’ (ideally in minutes and seconds, as that’s what our watches read) on the iPad.

This would repeat itself through each stage, and at the end of the match, all of the cumulative time in the ‘wait time bucket’ would be taken off of whatever stage is designated as the ‘run’ stage. If you could combine the ‘bucket’ along with the ability to enter the run time in minutes and seconds–instead of just seconds–this would take out nearly all of the math involved, and would make scoring a run and gun match very easy.

Is that possible?


If the match is using the proper run and gun match type, this is in every stage and every match using the match type.
The run start and finish time is entered on a separate tablet.
As far as changing the system to allow the entry of minutes that is on the list, but it is at the end of a very long list as run and gun matches are few and far between when compared to every other match type.

Thank you for the response.

Forgive my ignorance–how does the tablet know which stage to take the run time off of? Do you select the ‘run’ stage somewhere?

I would like to start by suggesting that you get yourself an iPad and you create an run a couple of sample run and gun matches.
Your statement seems as if you have done the scoring on run & gun. I’m a bit confused.
I can’t speak on the Match Directors and what they are doing at the matches you are attending. But it’s all there and it runs very smoothly when done correctly.

I do have an iPad with PractiScore on it–I wasn’t aware there was a Run and Gun scoring format in PractiScore. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong spot—under ‘affiliation’ (match type) I don’t see run and gun. Is it called something else in there?


It is a timeplus variant. iOS only

Ahh. So I’d only see it if I were creating the match in an iPad–not on my Windows desktop computer.

Heading off to my iPad now!

I’d like to suggest you read this tutorial before you go any father.

Thanks for all of your help.

I have run numerous matches via PractiScore and I can stumble through the match creation based on the tutorial–but I still am not seeing any reference to Run and Gun scoring when I create the match on an iPad vs. on my desktop. I selected ‘Time Plus’ as the scoring type, as suggested above, but there are no RnG variant/ references for scoring in stage set up.

That’s because it’s under time plus points.

I don’t have that option shown on my iPad. It goes:

Tennessee 3-Gun
Sportsman’s Team Challenge
SASS: Wild Bunch
Time Plus

No Run And Gun

Do I need to update my iPad, perhaps?

Choose time plus points

That’s what I chose. Still no reference anywhere in there about Run and Gun.

Just to be clear–this is the drop down page/menu where I should see something about Run and Gun, correct?

If I select Time Plus (Points), there’s nothing in the stage creation that mentions Run and Gun or wait time options.

When you create registration it is a time plus points match. When you create it in the tablet or after you import registration to the tablet you choose run and gun as your subtype.
I would prefer to see you working with the iPad to create and run test matches. The registration in a club is for actually holding matches.

I think I found everything. Thank you for your help.

it’s in the stage scoring window for the competitor.
Make a test match and run a few made up shooters through it to to learn and see everything.