PS Club List in the app while creating a Match

In the Practiscore app while creating a match there is an option to login and also an option to select the club its Associated with. I help manage this club but the club manager would like to be able to create the matches and select the club as well but when we log him into the app and refresh the list his club does not appear like it appears on my list. Was looking for some insight on how we can get the club to show up in his list so that when he creates a match he is able to select the club so it claims the score when it is posted?

Is everyone working off the same master tablet? Each tablet has it’s own memory or what you do.
Are you using online registration then importing that data (which would have everything you need) to the master scoring tablet?
There is no reason to really need to log into the “App”.

Have you all read this tutorial?

BTW, it seem to be applicable to iOS app only. Generally you don’t have to be logged in in order to post match results and club code isn’t exactly used to link posted match results with the club page.

We ended up getting it to work but I was asking because it was working on my tablet whether I am logged onto mine or another tablet. So I was understanding that with the club selected in the app for that match that the scores were claimed by the club when posted to the practiscore website but if it is not used for that then what is the purpose of being able to select a club when building the match?

As far as I know the scores are automatically claimed for the club when you pulled the match registration data for that club into the tablet using the match pin#.

Otherwise you can also manually claim the match results from the match results page on PractiScore website.

I’m guessing that’s a feature implemented in iOS app only and hasn’t been finished.

Ah ok! I appreciate the feedback on this situation. Thank you much