Practiscore Matchbook and/or Live Scoring


Is PS Matchbook still available in Canada or has it been removed for everyone permanently? It kept crashing on me last night (IOS), so I deleted it and went back to the app store to download it again and got an error message stating it wasn’t available in my area or region anymore. I’m thinking it went to the wayside after the PS Competitor was released?

Anyway, I’ve attended several matches at SUPS in the past and I really like the live scoring/automatic results uploading and email push to competitors. Is this feature still available?

If it is not, is there a way to set up the master tablet to automatically upload results to every 5 minutes (when internet access is available)?

Why is this important to me - I’m the South Central Zone Director for IPSC Alberta and I’m putting together a proposal to purchase mobile networking equipment where we can set up a network at each range that we travel to. In addition to this, I am going to recommend that we purchase and subscribe to a mobile phone package with internet access so that we can update scoring at regular intervals. We have access to a fairly large budget ($5-10K, if we need it) to accomplish this. One of the main drivers for this initiative is the ability to provide live scoring results.

Additionally, I’m all ears regarding equipment recommendations as well.

I’m thinking we need:
1 master weatherproof wireless router/modem
6-8 weatherproof wireless repeaters
15-20 weatherproof battery packs (depending on how much power the repeaters draw)
6-8 tripods
1 smart phone with wireless internet package

Any help or information is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Jeff,
Matchbook is basically gone.
Most everything you could do in Matchbook can now be done on the match itself.
Stage Descriptions and drawings, match announcements, etc.
Just ask if you can figure certain thing out!
Just so you know the autonomous live scoring is not really available. It happened at SUPS because Statsmeister Russ was there to make it happen.
But you can still do multiple pulls from scoring devices and posting to the web if you have a range wide network and a dedicated stats person. Just not automated.

updated my original request above. Looking for equipment recommendations as well.

For the record. The PractiScore Competitor app existed before Matchbook app was created. But I’m working on supporting more of Matchbook app features in the PractiScore Competitor app.

PS: Google pulled app for the lack of updates required to comply with app policy, the iOS app wasn’t updated either. The note on Matchbook app being discontinued was posted to several places a while ago.

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Okay, that’s what I thought the case was. This is not an issue since we have dedicated stats/tablet masters on each work/shoot rotation.

We run our level 2/3 qualifiers in AB with a work 1/2 day, shoot 1/2 day schedule (6 AM shoot sqauds, 6 PM shoot squads, 120-140 people per qualifier). We run 2 separate qualifiers on the same weekend at the same range. Day 2 is reset with modifications to the day 1 stages.

Because of this type of schedule, we have created official positions within our organization for jobs like, tablet master, squadding master, scoring equipment delivery person, etc etc. They are compensated with match reservations and sometimes annual memberships. This leads to having very consistent people that know what they are doing that perform the same job at each match, no matter what the range is. Similar to SUPS, but the admin crew travels with the networking and scoring gear.

Reach out to @Jim_McBurnett.
He has or can create everything you need for hardware!

Hi Eugene,

I did a few searches here on the site, but it didn’t return anything useful (probably had the wrong keywords or I was looking in the wrong spot). I thought I saw that it wasn’t being supported anymore, but couldn’t find the post.

Thanks though. Are Nationals gonna happen or what???

You’d have to ask MD or RD about Canadian Nationals.

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We pulled the MatchBook app because we were making the website basically do what it did - in mobile and desktop. The final leg of that would be to register for notifications of scores to yourself or people that you want to follow - that isn’t hard, we are just swamped.

In terms of pushing real-time logs/updates… it is available to all, but it is one of the features that works best with more internet access.

If you internet to the stage, then a flip of the switch in the Match settings will cause all scores and edits to go to the registered e-mail for the competitior.

These days it’s pretty straight forward to wifi a range, even if just getting a pay as you go MiFi for each stage. The data requirements are very low.

Ken N.

If you internet to the stage, then a flip of the switch in the Match settings will cause all scores and edits to go to the registered e-mail for the competitior.

Where is the switch in match settings I can find it.

Thanks Robert

They are only in iOS app and scoring also have to be in iOS. Not yet supported in the Android app, but will be added in the future.

Thanks for the quick response. We are 100% android so I will stop looking.