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Any possibility to have PractiScore application to check live score during a match in Europe ?

The PractiScore Competitor app can pull results from the online scorelog data pushed by the PractiScore scoring app.

In Italy I can have only

PractiScore log
PractiScore competitor

@Davide_Pisenti1 there are multiple things in play related to live scoring

  • the match range need to have wifi with reliable internet connection available on all stages
  • the Match Director can enable online scorelog in the match settings in the PractiScore scoring app. Then scoring tablets will push the individual competitor’s stage scores online when score is accepted at the stage
  • the competitor will also receive emails with his stage scores receipt when scores are accepted in the PractiScore scoring app
  • the competitor can also use the PractiScore Competitor app to pull the latest scores data and see the match results nearly in a real time

Please note that not all ranges have requirement #1. So, the PractiScore scoring app can score competitors offline without the internet connection. In this case the stats would manually sync devices from time to time and can push results for competitors to review.

So enabling the log to email the competitor updates the practiscore Competitor app after scores are accepted?

It’s not necessary to keep syncing tablets and uploading them to practiscore server ?

Syncing and posting is necessary for posting the official results.

So enabling the log to email the competitor updates the practiscore Competitor app after scores are accepted?

It’s not necessary to keep syncing tablets and uploading them to practiscore server ?

When I shoot major matches, my scores are somehow up on competitor app mid match. How is this exactly happening ?

I Want to implement this in our club.

@Tony_Villena the PractiScore Competitor app can pull data from multiple sources. When source is PractiScore, the Competitor app also checks if there is more recent data from the online scorelogs available. So, it is either stats posted an update or scorelogs were posted.

The app can also import results only from the scorelogs (some details may not be complete). E.g. open the scorelog web page for a match in a browser and then share to the PractiScore Competitor app.

So in order to have “live scoring” at a match for everyone to see on practiscore competitor, we have to constantly go to results > post to practiscore?

Is there some easier or automatic way this can be done?

@Tony_Villena it already answered above.

If your range has wifi with the internet connection you can enable online scorelogs for your match. When enabled, the scoring tablets will automatically push scorelogs online every time score is Accepted.

Then the PractiScore Competitor app might be able to assemble the “live” results from the scorelog data.

Thank for clarifying.

What do you mean by “might”?

I just tested it with the android version on my phone. It wasn’t instantly after I hit accept for the stage results.

Is it intermittent?

Edit: the scores sent to the test email but Practiscore Competitor did not pick up the scores.

I need more information. What exactly have you tried.

The PractiScore Competitor app is not automatically pulling the scores, you have to tap the refresh button.

Here’s the problem I’m having
it’s not quite working or I’m missing something

@Tony_Villena that is next to no details, but I managed to figure out what is happening. Will put a fix for it in the next PractiScore Competitor app update.

I uploaded a video of what issues I was having.

Not sure if that helped.

Thanks for working on the updates!

same or similar thing here :sunglasses:
PSC can’t pickup uploaded scorelogs correctly…
I refresh, search and load the match again, there are NO results for logs that were uploaded.
Then, i upload results (2 new scored stages of one shooter) to PS website, refresh PSC and results are there in PSC
But then! …
i score a shooter, log goes out, and it IS IN PSC :sunglasses:
… then i score one more shooter, log goes out, and it IS in PSC again…

it just wouldn work for first 2 score logs, like it needed a boost to get started or something :person_shrugging:
and now, whatever i score, log goes out, refresh PSC, and its there…

i hope it makes sence Euxx, maybe i will need to refrase it or get screen video and send you?

Thx for everything!

It could be attributed to time the difference between your tablets and practiscore log server or your tablets not having a correct timezone. Eg. the recorded time the full results are posted at is before your scorelogs.

So, when posting full results a few seconds after scorelogs you aren’t replicating exactly how it works in the match conditions.

You can also verify that scorelogs are available online by going to the scorelogs site.

Update: bug has been fixed! Live scoring works without issues.

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Hi, thanks for your constant replay, PractiScore scoring is not available in Europe, may be could be in future ?