No Option to Upload Results to Practiscore or Send Match Results by E-Mail


i can’t find any option to upload the match results to the Practiscore website. On iOS the required buttons are located under show results, but i miss them on android. The same problem is with e-mailing match results.

The only way I’ve found to upload the results is to synchronize with a iOS Device and then upload the results from there.

I think i just miss something because i cannot believe that a upload from android is not possible.

Thanks for any hint in advance!


On android just go to ‘View Results’ and scroll down toward the bottom, under Share Results is ‘Post to’.

Warren Harper

There is no “Post to Practiscore” Option. I see it on iOS but not on Android!

Show me a stage with scores.
This looks like a match that has had no scores entered. Once you have one shooter with scores then the post results section will appear. Until then the share results area is invisible.

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OK! Thanks a lot! That’s the reason! On iOS the Buttons are always there and I thought I have something miss configured!

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