NFC Shooter Scores Included with All Competitor Scores

Often we have competitors register as “NFC” for our IDPA club (Tier One) matches using equipment not approved by IDPA. Our other competitors complain that their scores are unfairly included with those shooting compliant with IDPA rules. Can Practiscore place the NFC score at the bottom of the match results list to segregate them from the IDPA-compliant scores?

The NFC division is at the match directors behest. They can choose to run the division or not. Of course the results are always to be looked at by division never overall.
Most likely the same folks that don’t like the NFC showing up also don’t like PCC beating the pistol guys all the time in overall Even though overall doesn’t really count. Our club runs NFC and we look at it as a way to compare yourself to other shooters not to be beat or not be beat.
Suggest that the shooters look at division results and they can compare themselves to people shooting the same division gun.

I presume “Combined” or “Overall” score are being referred here. Note that none of the sports recognize these scores and only by-division scores are being official.

Said that, the PractiScore Competitor app has a feature to see “Combined” results for specifically selected divisions. I.e. you can exclude any divisions you don’t like there.