Membership Issues

We are getting payments from people that have requested membership but have not been approved!

When are emails generated for renew membership payments?

Hi Greg!

What club is this having the issue? If you are more comfortable, you can also email me the name/link to [email protected] com

The club is CCPL (Central California Pistol League) as listed on PractiScore.

Here is the link:

Two people requested membership and were not approved but got the email and paid. Vu, Thanh and Seely, Matthew were two that paid without approval. Seely was rejected.

@Greg_Vaughn Just so you don’t think you’re losing your marbles, the membership approval system is currently inconsistent and it has been reported. Cross reference to: Automated approval of membership requests.

Personally, I wish there was automatic approval since we would never turn down money from a member. :slight_smile: My understanding is issues with the membership system are lower priority for the team at this point, so we’ve just learned to live with minor issues like this.

Any input?

I’m so sorry for the delay! I must not have hit the reply button on my last message😖
I’m passing this to our developers to check on, however, with Thanksgiving and a couple other projects they’ve been working on, it may be some time. I’ll check in with it on Monday to see if they’ve found anything!

Sons of Action Pistol having a similar issue since November. We have some members who are able to pay for their membership, while others cannot. I also emailed support x2 (DJ had replied that they are working on it the first time). No response yet.


Here is more info that might serve helpful based on the partial screen capture that Arnold has posted.

  1. Some people have the little email icon and the dollar sign Icon. The email icon is so the admin can send them a payment reminder. The Dollar allows the admin to mark them as paid if need be.
    ONLY people that have a complete sport profile will get these icons. If you could see the complete page you would see that the folks with sports profiles (the ones with the little “i” to the left) are the only ones with icons. If those folks do not have icons it is because they have paid their dues. (addendum: If you see someone with icons and no sport profile “i”, it is because they are in your membership database twice)
  2. People without sport profiles will not get any icons and the admin needs to look at whether the person has an amount due or not. If they owe dues there will be a due amount. If not then the due amount will be zero.

For people whom cannot access payment or do not get updates via email. This is a constant issue and most always depends on what mail system the users is using for their account, what kind of network the users is trying to access with and what kind of device they try to access with. The best system we see is using a gmail address and accessing with a solid internet connection on a desktop or laptop. Everything else works less consistently. I have troubleshot hundreds of users with inability to access different things and 99.9% of the time it is on their end.

I believe this covers Arnold’s drawings…

Everyone should again consider that the membership system was never intended to be a full feature Membership management tool. It started as a way for clubs to pay a simple fee once a year via stripe, nothing more.
It has grown some into a way to offer discounts and such but it is an add on to a system that is years old. We would like to say that it runs flawlessly and will do all the things that people ask about.
The truth is that it is on a list somewhere to be worked on whenever the programmers have time. The reality is that they are months and month from being available to, due to critical projects in other parts of the company.

Is it possible to have someone from your team call me?
I am having issues with members of our club not seeing the pay button for their membership dues. Some people can see it and other cannot.
One person sees the button but their amount is 0.00.
Mark Stamper
GPSL club president

We can surely help you but here is the information I will need to research before we even can think of having a phone call.
Of course the club name.
Each of the people’s names and practiscore emails that they use who are having trouble.
Exactly what kind of troubles they are having. The more specific the easier to troubleshoot.
Please get this all together if you want and email me directly.
[email protected]

I will get the info together and get back with you. I just sent you an email with same