How can you add a type of match

I don’t have the ability to change match type to Benchrest either centerfire or rimfire how can these be added?

When you create match registration you choose a match type OR when you create a match on a scoring tablet you choose a match type.
If you are new to PS then I suggest reading this tutorial.

Unfortunately that will not work. It’s a required field and offers a bunch of options but not “Benchrest” so for a benrest match I am torn to accept long range rife or rimfire challenge neither are totally appropriate.

Only using pratiscore for registration and squading.

The basic NRA Action match type will allow you to create whatever style benchrest match you want. But if you are not using the scoring system to score matches then what is the point?

I have 23 benches and average 40 shooters I need a format for registration as I have people who are shooting 2 guns and need to be on multiple relays. If I sell out all my bench’s before they get there then I am turning them away as they want to shoot mutipke guns.

In the system when 2 guns are registered the scoring system will name them D.J. Petrou and then D.J. Petrou2 when they are sync’d into the scoring app.
But the web registration will not rename them on the website.

@Patrick_Kennedy sounds like you need to set your squad sizes to 23 and have as many squads as you’ll have relays. A gun type will go into “division” (you define them in the match registration form).