Fire tablet will not update

This is more of a fire tablet question than about PS. I have an older tablet (Fire HD 8.9 reg 9-2015) that I installed PS last Sept or so ver 1.6.xx. I want to update but the tablet is fighting me. I have removed PS from the device, removed from the cloud. Had a fresh copy ver 1.7.xx put on the cloud, downloaded, installed and it still shows up as ver 1.6.xx. I have gone through this routine twice with no luck. Any ideas?

@Wayne_Woodcock we don’t post APK files for 1.7.x version anywhere. If your tablet has Android version 4.2 or later you should use either Amazon or Google Play app store to install app updates.

The 1.7.x app version does NOT work on devices with Android version before 4.2. See more details about PractiScore app for Android at PractiScore app for Android

See info on Amazon’s tablets Fire OS at

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Looks like that Fire tablet has other problems so going to trade it in for a new one.