Discount subsequent guns when signing up for SCSA match

When signing up for a SCSA match it would be nice if you could sign up for multiple divisions with just one signup, and also have some way of charging a different price for the subsequent guns.

Hello! This is a good idea. Unfortunately we will not be doing any Major site upgrades (of which this would be part of) until sometime next year. Our team is very busy at this time, so everything is being pushed back a little bit. Thank you for the idea!

You are welcome. It would be great if that could be part of a future upgrade.

There is currently a way to have a second gun discounted.
You can a offer discounted prices with online registration and payment.
It does require a bit of MD oversight to make sure no one is choosing the discounted second gun and only shooting one gun. But there are many clubs using it and not really having problems with it.
Just FYI


Thanks, DJ. I guess that requires the shooters to sign up separately for each gun? And then I guess the MD has to set up two separate signup links with different prices? I’m not very familiar with setting up the matches so sorry for the dumb questions. I should probably have our usual MD contact you.

Take a look at this video. It shows you the availability of the new storefront.
There are a few small difference since this was made but it will show you the big picture.
And no, they will register twice and choose two different prices.

Thanks again. As I have never set up a match registration page myself some of that is a bit over my head but I forwarded it to Blade Benson ([email protected]), who has been our MD for the past year or so.