Competitor and main practiscore app links to help topics here in the support forum

There’s a lot of good help articles you’ve linked in the last week for the two apps.

Links to main help articles in the different sections of the app would be super helpful. The apps are very powerful and well developed. But putting some kind of link to an article (within the app) would be convenient. Or even just a main link to support. If it’s already there, then it’s not an obvious help link button. Maybe a more obvious button/section/link to the corresponding apps help forum within the app?

Apologies if the ideas are scarred. I need to get better at presenting what I’m envisioning. Just wanted to get it out before I forget them.

As always, Thanks again for developing this app. And being open to suggestions

Many of those already linked from the category pages and pinned articles. Eg.

Gotcha, maybe a “help” button on the three dot menu that links straight to these? For convenience for experienced users. And for new users, it would instantly direct them there.