Clubs I manage vs Clubs I help manage

Hi there PS people. Our old match director has stepped down. He was the one to create the club page several years ago with his personal PS account. I have myself and my assistant listed under the club access settings to ‘Help Manage.’ How do we migrate the club from being tied to the old MD’s account to myself as the new ‘owner’ of the club. Ideally we’d like to tie the PS club page to our dedicated club email account and then keep our personal accounts as additional managing members.

Email me the pertinent info.
Club name,
who you want help manage
What email you want to be the ownership. If you want to use the club email, the club has to have a practiscore account using that email.
[email protected]

Ok I emailed you. The club email has its own account.

It’s done.

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Hi D.J.
I am in the same situation. Have taken over the Piru, CA match. Can you give me the magical powers needed to set up the next match?


Are you an admin at all for the club?

Sorry D.J., I responded to the email which is noreply. I have no practiscore privileges for the club. Danny is the most recent MD but will not be able to return.


There are a few Piru clubs. :person_shrugging:t2: :person_shrugging:t2: :person_shrugging:t2:
What you need to do is have Danny add you as an admin. He can totally, easily do this.
As you do not have admin rights it means you haven’t been running the club. I suggest while he is adding you to the club you browse the tutorial on this site starting here.

D.J. - Thanks, I will ask Danny. Thanks for the link. I will read. Fortunately, Danny wrote some great instructions, so between both, I should be good to go.
FYI - There is only one Piru club. I am guessing anything else you are seeing are old records? The lineage is rather straight. It all stared (meaning all steel challenge) with Mike Dalton, then Mike Setting, then Danny. There may be a couple of short term bosses in between, but it is about that simple.
thanks again for all the help!


This is what a basic search for a piru club brings up. Many clubs.
We had no idea what club at all you were discussing.

D.J. - let me clarify. The current club is SoCal Steel Challenge, the third one on your list. Piru Socal steel may have been the name when the range management ran the match for a short time. Deadwood boys was the original SASS group, but I think they may put on multi-gun matches.

Piru action pistol is USPSA-like. No connection to steel challenge to my knowledge. I realize many younger people don’t know or make the connection, but our range is where Steel Challenge started with Mike Dalton and Mickey Fowler. I was an ASO back in the ninety’s when the national championship was on our range. Our facility is technically California Tactical Academy, which owns the property where Steel Challenge is, along with ranges and groups for USPSA, Steel Challenge, NSSF rimfire, and several more. I scored for K.C. Eusubio when he was just a boy.
Hope that helps.
All the best, greg

I understand and that’s all fine but your post never exactly named the club.
If will all be fine if the owner sets up an admin account for you.