Changing match type to support par time

Is it possible to modify a match type to support par time. We are using RangeTech Bluetooth timers to score a PRS event, but they will not work for our needs because the match type does not allow a max time (par). It has a switch that says ‘Requires time’ but that only forces you to enter a time before leaving the scoring screen.

On all of the other match types that allow for a par time, the BT timer works well, but the scoring type will not work for PRS.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I don’t think PRS matches ever had par-time/max-time requirement. Hence there is no option to specify it in the stage configuration or record actual time from the timer.

Most probably it will have to be addressed after the major PractiScore app update, so it works the same between Android and iOS app.

Thank you for the fast response!

PRS stages are almost always time limited. I am surprised no one has raised this issue before.

Are there any other stage types that have a par time that score similarly to PRS. Each stage has a set number of targets and the scoring is hit 1 point, miss 0 points. Pretty simple. The Skills stage uses the time as a tie-breaker if two people end up with the same final score for the match.

I checked a bunch of other match types and could not find anything that looked like it would work.

Other matches have specific handling for that max time, e.g. if you over - the maxed out time is used for scoring purposes in Steel Challenge or Timeplus and variants or added over-time penalties in case of USPSA. That is not the case for the point-based PRS matches, so people simple used par-time on the timers or even stop watches to limit the time in PRS.

Anyhow, we will address that in some future. Unfortunately no ETA for that yet.

I will look for the new update in the future!

Stopwatches don’t work well for PRS timing because if the last shot is registered by the shot timer 0.3 seconds or less after the final beep, the shot still counts.


We score par time stages all the time.
PRS, NRL and other precision rifle sports along with Par time stages in Steel matches and 3 Gun.
To properly run a par time stage you need a timer that can be set with a Par Time (As Range Tech says they can)
The stage COF states what the par time is.
Upon the start signal the countdown (or count up depending on your timer) starts and the timer signals when to stop the shooter.
All that is done on the Practiscore side is to count the targets hit during the time allowed and enter them in the tablet.
If a shooter is thought to have overshot you can easily look at how many rounds were fired after the time out and make any adjustments based on your ruleset) needed since you use shot timers…
You are already aware of how the tiebreaker stages are used with the time breaking ties.

Stopwatches are allowed by the sanctioning bodies but are not accurate. That discussion would be best addressed to the policy board of the sport you shoot.

@D.J.Petrou the RangeTech only can do what the app provides. In this case that is the PractiScore app.

The automatic pre-set of the stage-specific par-time setting is supported on several Bluetooth-enabled timers for all scoring types that have the par/max stage time setting in the PractiScore app, at least on Android. See more details at Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore app for Android

I am a PRS Rimfire/NRL22 Match Director and use a RangeTech Timer and Fire Tablet.

Use of a timer and tablet for PRS/NRL is really no different than a Steel Challenge stage.
Granted, many stages are not timed but every match has at least 1, as mentioned above, to break ties.
I vote for the same functionality in match type NRL22 & Long Range Rifle & Long Range Rifle + Skills.

I run one Tablet with the RangeTech timer to start the par time stage (ranges from 90 to 120 seconds) and time the last shot. I also display the Par count down time as many shooters want the time reported during the stage. A second tablet is used to keep score. Would be way more efficient to simply run it all on one tablet … a small window with the par time count down would be very useful while simultaneously keeping score. Please add this functionality.