Can someone tell me how to add Limited Optics to my match registrations

I was hoping Practiscore would automatically make this addition to all registered matches. Can someon tell me add Limited Optics to my upcoming May match registration. Not real computer savvy so I need step by step instructions please.
Thank you

All matches created as of a month or so ago will automatically have LO listed as a default division for USPSA. To add Limited Optics to matches created earlier (more about that in a minute) You need to create the division in the match registration page of your one live match.
If you are not experienced with using I suggest talking with your primary statistician and also read this tutorial.

Looking at the club you are an admin of shows a whole year of matches created.
We recommend not creating a match more than 60 days out. (except for special circumstances such as a major match) If you are cloning matches also never clone a original match for more than 60 days either.
You are experiencing one of the problems with cloning and creating way ahead. A new division that was added and is not in your pre-created matches. Other issues are more difficult when the Website or Scoring app is changed and can prevent correct scoring or app performance.
Read this for cloning info.

So for now I suggest you add the division to your existing match. Then I suggest deleting all the rest of the matches listed for the year and create new matches/registration for the matches as they come up. (Create June now and create July in June, etc.)