Can not log in as match director

Can not log into my Match Directors log in, it tells me i have attempted to many times to log in.
Can not change my password. We have a Match this Saturday and i need to get into my account
[email protected] Club name Coyote Valley Steel Challenge
Also need to change in the app the match directors email account.

Please help

Responded to your email

Hi, I left the password you changed for me for the match, now when i go in it says i need to reset my password, however i need to change the email account in the admin account first.

The account name is [email protected]

don’t know if you can change that email account to [email protected] then i can go reset the password?

thank you

I’ve got it updated for you. You should be able to login now and change your password.

Sorry i replied to the email. I am getting an error that it can not find the [email protected]
I attached a screen shot.


Use your other email address as you requested to change to and you should be good

ok my personal account is now reset. However the system seems to lose the Admin account

I am getting the error message email not found. So we changed the admin account email to my personal email, wondering if that confuses the system. Can we restore Faststeel2k back first of all, then change the password. I want the generic email for the admin account when I pass this function over to a new person. Can we use in the details the email [email protected]

thank you

There is no account setup currently with the cvst[email protected] email address so we can’t add that to the login for your club.

Your club login is using the [email protected] email address as you requested. If you want it changed back to faststeel2k, it will disable your aseghetti account.

Ok so the user login email and the email in the details should be the same? I don’t want to reset everything up. So at this point I think we need to go back to [email protected] with the detail email account the same. Can you reset this sign in for this account again for me?

I need to keep the ADMIN account separate from my personal account.

I am trying to pass this off to another person in the club. I will try to see how to find the google email account setup that person left the country and I have no way to get the password. And at this point I don’t want to start over with all the setups.

Thank you so much for your help. It helps to understand the software setups.

If you want the club account to be the cvsteelchallenge email, we can do that but you need to use that email to create an account first and then I can move the club to that email address.

I have created a new account for the admin
[email protected]

Do i need to do anything else?

Thank you so much for your patience and time you have put into this to help me!
much appreciated

You should be good to go now.

Just a note. Do not forget that the club primary email is still [email protected].
I imagine you will want to change it.

So just so i don’t screw anything up it appears in the [email protected] account which is the ADMIN I don’t see any setups from the [email protected] account. Is there something else i need to do?

The primary email has been moved to cvsteelchallenge account.

So does this mean you can’t clone or copy over the faststeel2k account into this new one?
We have a match and registrations are full, i can not manage that. I really do need your help.

So i am a little confused and panicking here our match is Saturday, I do all my spreadsheets and i have a few folks that have withdrew and i can put folks in the waiting list.
I thought we were going to clone from faststeel2k to the new Admin account cvsteelchallange account
Since the owner of the faststeel2k passed we have no idea what his email account password is.
When i log into the faststeel is tells me to change my password which is where we started. Please

As you requested, faststeel2k email address doesn’t not work for this club anymore. You requested it be transferred to aseghetti and cvsteelchallenge email addresses. You’ll need to login using one of those accounts.

Follow everything the @Steph_Marie has told you. The club now runs under the two other emails. I also double checked and it is so.
I guess my question to you is “What Spreadsheets”?
Everything you need to do is done from the Practiscore web site or, after you download registration to your master scoring tablet, On the tablet.
There is no need for spreadsheets.(with the exception of uploading a file to SCSA) If you are having a hard time doing all of this please check out this tutorial to help you.

Hi ok so my cvsteelchallange(admin) account is correct. My personal account [email protected] account needs the email back to [email protected] that will keep my personal and Admin account separate.
Sorry for all the work and confusion. I appreciate all you have done and the quick turn around.