Bluetooth timers and IOS

Does the new competition electronics timer work with PS on IOS? Have not seen anything about it.

Interested in this as well… using ProTimer BT (1.02 firmware) and iOS app does not see timer.

It is available as Bluetooth device, just not in Practiscore App.

If you want to use your timer in practice, it is supported in the PractiScore Log app for Android and iOS.

I’m a match director and wanted to use them for match scoring.

I’m with Andrew, trying to run matches and have shooters time and shots be available on match scoring.

I bought the Pro Timer BT because Competition Electronics advertises that it works with PractiScore. However, not true for the iOS version. What gives?

Any update on CE bluetooth with Practiscore iOS for running. a match ?

Not at this time,

Is there a plan to incorporate it?

All timers going to be supported in PractiScore app 2.0 on all platforms. The work is still in progress.

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Do any Bluetooth timers work with IOS? If not, which timers work with android?

The current PractiScore scoring app for iOS app supports AMG and M1A2 timers.

You can find list of timers supported in the PractiScore scoring app for Android in a separate article Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore app for Android.

The list of timers supported in the PractiScore Log app for Android and iOS (your range and dryfire practice helper and journal app) can be found in the PractiScore Log app info article.

The PractiScore 2.0 scoring app, once released, will have the same set of features and supported devices on both Android and iOS.

I find the BLE Push ( auto push of times and advance to next string ) very useful with AMG timers and Android devices.

It does not appear that BLE push works with practiscore on IOS from what I can tell. Could you please confirm to advise if there is a way to enable. thanks

When do you anticipate release of Practiscore 2.0?

@Terrel_Spears when it is ready. Can’t provide an ETA