Bluetooth Special Pie Timer support for PractiScore app for iOS

Hey there! Does an equivalent list exist for iOS? It seems as if Special Pie Timer is NOT supported on iOS, is that correct? Will that support be added in the near future?

Added in the future - yes. No ETA yet.

Though if you want to use Special Pie timer for your practice check the PractiScore Log app

Hi, any news about IOS and Special PIE


As far as I know it is being worked on in the 1.x iOS app.
Also done for the future PractiScore 2.0 app.

Thanks, I will check

Any news when the Special Pie Shot timer will work with PractiScore on IOS devices? We bought 10 IPads in our club and we are now very disappointed because PractiScore and SpecialPie Timer won’t work. When is a working release available for IOS? BR. Werner

At this time there is no timeline for the current iOS app and Special Pie integration. The best option will be when PS 2.0 is completed which at this pace is sometime down the road. Yes, Sometime, as there is currently no timeline for completion.
We have numerous projects and available development time to allocate to Practiscore is very limited. I am sorry you invested in a timer that was not currently supported. I don’t believe anyone has ever offered a deadline for integration. I can tell you that we are doing our bets with the resources we have.