Beginner... How to find my match scores?

Hi. Noobie question. I logged into the PractiScore website for the first time. How do I find my results for the matches I’ve shot? I shoot Action Pistol and Steel Challenge at Piru, California. The last Action Pistol match was 3/20. Thanks for your guidance.

Did you take a look at our tutorial?

@David_Cooper additionally you can also use the PractiScore Competitor app.

It allows to search for your match results using your name, email or membership number and keeps loaded results on your device for offline viewing. Check it out.

Thank you!


I have followed the instructions, but I can not see my match scores. I see scores from another Match which I have not even participated. Any ideas or just I ask MD to send those? Thank you.

Did you go to the practiscore website and under “scores” search for the match that you shot?
If you can’t find the match it’s possible the results are not posted yet or often the clubs will name the match some weird initials or name, not what you expect. In that case you should contact the match director and ask him.

Results are posted, but results in my profile are empty. My friend for example sees those on his profile.

You can find answers to most of your questions if you search here in the community.
I think this tutorial will answer your questions.