Alpha list of shooters from final scores

Is it possible to create an alpha list of shooters from final scores for each match we hosted?

Take a look at this thread. It might help you.

Also if you are the MD, you can create a list of your shooters from your registration list inside the club and match areas. Export registration to a spreadsheet and work it from there.

@David_Morris if you have your matches in the PractiScore app on your master tablet, there is also an option to export registrations from the Import/Export screen. You’ll need to do that for each match and then combine and clean exported CSVs in Excel.

Another option is to combine multiple matches in PractiScore app for Android. Tap and hold to select multiple matches on the match list screen and then use Combine option at the top right corner menu. Then you can use same export option on that combined match.

I am still not able to download shooters from on my computer. Looking at the SCORES it does not allow me highlight and copy names to Excel. I am trying to put together a list of shooters who shot our matches in the last 12 months and how many times they shot.

There is not a file from the results on the web site that is downloadable.
If you are interested in the shooters that shoot with you and the number of times they have shot you are going to have to create something custom with the way the data is available to you.
Export a spread sheet from your online registrations. Then manipulate the data to give you what you want. (you will need a spreadsheet expert most likely)
Or you can get the spreadsheet data by emailing the match export file/exporting the match to yourself from the master scoring tablet. After which you will again have to manipulate the data.
There might be other way to some people may have figured out, but these are your options as I see it to create a list of participants.

@David_Morris What web browser are you using that it doesn’t allow you to select text from a web page?