WinMSS Export Function missing

First to all of the team: Thank you for providing this perfect scoring tool ! Now I tried some dummy tests with the new PS2 app and in general it seems to be near by the well known functions of the existing PS app. But I am missing the WinMSS Export function for IPSC matches. Do you plan to include it in a next version? And by the way: What is the main benefit of the PS2 app compared with the existing app ? Kind regards, Christian

This and several other exports are being migrated to the PractiScore website. We’ll try to make them available there in a near future.

I guess that is a rhetorical question… 1.x apps are going away in a few months, due to 10+ years of technical legacy that is getting harder to support now with a push back from the app stores.

The 2.x apps are built from ground up to look and work the same way on Android and iOS (and also on desktops and web in the long run) and allow us to implement new features and better accommodate the shooting sports needs.

Thanks for your explanation. I am looking forward and will try to use the new version on one of our next Level 1 matches.

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