What does claim results for club mean

When i look at results for a match i see the above at the bottom of the combined results page can i ask what does that mean?

I’m a bit confused. Could you send me a screenshot of what you are talking about? Thank you :grin:

from the bottom of these scores:


Yes that’s the button I am asking about thank you

It is what a club uses to claim results as their own before they submit results to a sanctioning body. Say you need to send your uspsa classifiers in. You claim the results and then download the file to send to uspsa.

@djpetrou I don’t think it really related to posting results to USPSA. If club isn’t specified you are asked for the club code and name.

The main thing “claim results” does - makes these results show up under the match results section on the club’s page. Like here https://practiscore.com/clubs/sups/results

Ok So can any competeitor see that
and action that
or is only available to see from Admin club log ins?

Hi Rod!
Any logged in competitor can see it, but they can’t do anything with it unless they are an admin for a club.
ETA a screenshot of what it looks like. The dropdown menu shows clubs you are an admin of, so average competitors can do nothing with it

Your Amazing thank you

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