Website scores no list view available

What is up with the website scores, there is no list view event when you select “old list view” When searching with the cards view you cannot sort by Class, It would seem there as been an update that went sideways. I have had several complaints over the weekend after shooting our first level2 match of the year. I would not want the card view as my default view, I do like that you can use the card view to see all stages.

Hi Mike!
I’m seeing old list views normally on my end. Have you tried clearing your cache?
If that doesn’t work, can you please send the link to the match scores in question?

yep tried a few different browsers too.

I have been talking with the MD of the match. There was a problem created within the match that caused this… We have a fix that has been created but it will not updated on the web for a week or so.

Good to know, I will pass this on, thank you for the quick replies