Web Report button not available for match

Match uploaded to PractiScore but a Web Report button is not there. So, cannot create file for upload to USPSA.

Have had no issues with USPSA and SCSA matches within the PractiScore match templates; web reports have been available for them. This match was a MultiGun match created using the PractiScore USPSA MultiGun match template, and scored as time plus. Results uploaded to PractiScore fine, just no web report button.

Match is here:
SPS June 21 USPSA MG June 19, 2021 | PractiScore

Don’t think website ever had USPSA activity report implemented for the Timeplus or Timeplus With Points matches. So, USPSA HG only for now.

OK, I wondered if that was not maybe the case. Not a PractiScore issue then.

I need to confirm with USPSA if we get match credit for conducting MultiGun matches and if so how to upload results to USPSA. I’ll pursue that.


So, USPSA is telling me this is a PractiScore problem per their response to my e-mail below:

*Per the affiliation agreement you are required to upload all matches. This is a Practiscore issue and you will need to contact them. *
*Thank you *

USPSA Headquarters Team
[email protected]
(360) 855 - 2245

On June 24, 2021, 7:53 AM PDT [email protected] wrote:

*-- You received this message via the online contact form. – *
I would like to upload results from a recent level 1 MultiGun match we held to the USPSA website for match hosting credit and payment to USPSA. Our club is Sheridan Practical Shooters, club code WY08. The Practiscore match results are here (it is the SPS June 2021 USPSA MG June 19, 2021 match under the match results):
Sheridan Practical Shooters | Sheridan, Wyoming | PractiScore

Practiscore does not generate a web-report button for this match. The problem may be with Practiscore, but I want to rule out that the there is not an issue with how we set the match up in Practiscore, or what type of matches we are to upload, as far as what USPSA requires. We have had no issues with uploading standard USPSA matches to date.
This match was created using the USPSA MultiGun template in Practiscore. Is there a reason from the USPSA side of things why it does not generate a web report button in Practiscore? Should we be uploading our MultiGun matches? Something we should have done/didn’t do?
Thank you.

See my first response. Of course they tell you that. Kind of he said, she said one…

Ask USPSA HQ how they expected that to work for the official scoring app they expected you to use to run their matches and provide you instructions for uploading your match results. Something they actually verified and confirmed as being supported. :slight_smile:

PS: disclaimer. I don’t work on the web side of things…

I had the same problem on my Android device and could not create a Webfile. We also have IPads at our club and can create a webfile from within the PS app.

Thanks Kevin, I received the same info from USPSA support late last week also. We don’t have iPads but was able to borrow one and get it done. Certainly would like to see Practiscore add the web-report to the website and/or the android app to simplify this… was happy to see the iPads and androids play nice on sharing/syncing match files.