Waiting List Behavior

I have an event for which waiting list is enabled. We didn’t want the waiting list to get any bigger, so I closed registration by adjusting the date. I increased the number of shooters to allow the first person on the wait list to join. I had expected that the shooter would have been automatically added, but based on other help articles, it looks like the MD needs to manually approve them. Is this correct? I approved the shooter manually.

The shooter that was just added can’t squad themselves. This is a test user that I had previously created, so I have verified this myself. I used the personal link, but I still don’t see a way for the shooter to squad. Am I missing this or does the shooter need to be manually squadded? I do have sufficient open slots for the shooter to squad.

Is there an email that can be sent to the shooter to let them know that their status has changed from being on the waitlist to being registered? It looks like I can send the personal management email, but this is a manual process. Is there a way that the email can be sent automatically when the shooter is approved?

Is there a document or help article that I can read regarding waiting list behavior?

When our match fills up, I usually find that I need to go back and tweak the settings for ‘payment options’ and ‘squadding requirements’ for the match to get the desired behavior. When our match fills, I typically set it so that it requires payment and approval to squad. Then I just manually approve the shooters. That should allow them to squad - after they pay.

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Warren pretty much has it down.
The system is not 100% hands-off automated. Sometimes depending on what you want you have to adjust things.
Has an MD I am looking at my mattress almost every day so when a shooter comes off a waiting list I will manually approve them and then resend them their match management link through the drop-down menu. Also make them available to squad and they can squad themselves. If it takes them too long I just put them in a squad.

I’ve closed the registration, and it appears this precludes the shooter from squadding. I can see that they’re approved to squad, but I don’t see a link to do it.
I then opened up registration, and they are then able to squad themselves. From my perspective, squadding and registration should be distinct activities and not interdependent. I know that I can update the match to shut off the waiting list, and I also did that. I’ve used other registration systems where you have an option to automatically register from the waiting list, and it also sends an email to let them know that they’ve been registered.
It might be good to have an option to limit the waiting list. I don’t believe the shooter knows their position on the waiting list. This is both good/bad. It’s good as the MD can control who gets into the match and the other shooters don’t know that the MD helped somebody “jump the line”. It’s bad as the shooter doesn’t know that he’s 10th on the waiting list and has zero chance of getting on board.

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Thank you for your thoughts.
We will share your ideas with the web developers and see what can be integrated in the next version of the web site.