USPSA Classifier Reshoots

Would it be possible to flag classifier reshoots, similar to how the results are displayed on the USPSA site? Recently we had a situation where the reshoot took the stage win which resulted in several questions surrounding the topic. A reshoot flag would make the situation clearer for those viewing the results. I realize it could be done manually in the categories field but wondering if maybe your group had/could make a better solution.

As an MD this is super frustrating because sometimes the questions are truly just questions while other times they are implying that the staff isn’t doing things right. What bothers me more are the situations where we don’t get asked or a chance to explain that we are doing exactly what HQ wants. One of the guys who raised a question later mentioned he found something on Eno’s (unrelated to our match) discussing the same issue, our club clearly isn’t the only group struggling with this.

I’m not a fan of how USPSA wants the reshoots to be treated as another competitor & DNF the remaining stages, but its works and is easier then manually editing the Web Report file. I also don’t see them changing their position on how they want it done.

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Not really sure what you are asking here.

But generally, as it was explained in the linked BE discussion, if you don’t want re-entries to affect match standing, your only option right now is to put all re-entries in a separate match.