Update Registered Shooters in Practiscore.com

Is there a way to export a csv for an existing match with registered shooters, update info in the csv such as the USPSA number for all records, and then update the existing records by importing the csv?

When I attempt this, it created new records instead of updating them.


I think this article might help you. Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

I don’t think either the website or the apps are support such use case.

E.g. the uspsa# is one of the shooter’s unique identifiers. I’d expect that app will create new entries when uspsa# is changed in the CSV file that is being imported.

The only case that is going to work is to complete your registration on the web site. Then instead of importing match registration to the app using your match pin# - you export registration CSV from the web site, edit uspsa# in there and then import that CSV file into a newly created match on a tablet as described at Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

Note that will be essentially a new match, not linked with the original registration on the web site. You will have to use “claim results” for your club after match results are posted to PractiScore web site.

This is similar to your other post with the integration of membership features that are just not there. We will also look at this situation today for you and let you know.
Keep in mind that you can update classifications of your USPSA shooters in either Android or iOS applications for each match.

I had to perform 125 updates to registered shooters due to an issue with the registration form. I was able to manually update the records in practiscore.com and then imported registration again to to the same match which updated those fields. Is that the only way other than editing them one by one on the scoring device?

What happened with the registration form? is it something we need to address?

It appears that we were either using an old form that has been cloned 100 times or one that someone created years ago with “USPSA #” instead of “USPSA Member #”. The export from Practiscore.com would ignore that field. Simply correcting the input field with the correct header resolves the problem. It’s just difficult to correct once registration has been completed.

The member number should be one of the “standard” fields. Just correcting field name may not be enough… Just saying.

It exports to a CSV and it works fine after being corrected. I’m not sure where the form came from, it may be one of the original forms from practiscore day 1 or someone may have created it years ago.
Either way, it has to be corrected before people register.

Do you have any first hand knowledge to say that it won’t work?

I was referring to the pin# import from web site and into the apps.

The csv should be only used if pin# import doesn’t work or can’t be used for some reason.

What’s the name of the match where the registration form had an issue? I’d like to take a look at the form and see what happened.

Brian, sent you a PM