Trouble with scoring for IPSC 3 gun (major/minor for each gun type needed)

Hi, I’m setting up the NZ IPSC 3gun nationals and we’re having trouble getting the scoring to be fair. We have 6 divisions, which seems to be fine with the IPSC:pistol setting except for the Major/Minor power factor affecting the rifle/shotgun scores (open major pistol shooters are forced to shoot minor rifle because of our shitty laws so I don’t want a Minor pistol shooter being disadvantaged or a major shooter getting an unfair advantage).

I’m trying to avoid setting up 3 different matches but its looking like that will be the only way unless someone has some advice.

Cheers, Carl

Also why don’t webpage stages transfer to the app when sync’d?

The divisions:
Open Pistol Open Mini-rifle Open Shotgun
Open Pistol Open PCCK Open Shotgun
Standard Pistol Standard mini-rifle Standard Shotgun
Standard Pistol Standard PCCK Standard Shotgun
Production Pistol Open Mini-rifle Standard Shotgun
Production Pistol Open PCCK Standard Shotgun

@Carl_McAllansmith as far as I know IPSC doesn’t have 3gun matches. They have tournament, which is an aggregation of several matches (usually in different disciplines, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun).

Could you please elaborate what kind of rules you are running your 3gun with and also what is affecting major/minor rifle/shotgun scores.

Please also note, that in a Hit Factor scored match, a competitor can’t have multiple divisions declared (e.g. Open/Major and Open Rifle/Minor).