Trouble Registering for Shoot

I am having trouble registering for a match. The site rejects all forms of payment

If you will share the match we can look at it. I’m seeing some of this due to a Stripe CC update required of the clubs on Sept 1 and wasn’t done.
We will see.

I have the link to the match provided below.

Again, I do appreciate the assistance.

I have had a look at the Club and the Match. The payment system is set up correctly and shooters have all been paying through the system with no issues.
Can you tell me what device you are using to try and register?
Phone (which), Tablet (same), Laptop/desktop?


I have been using a IMAC. The OS is High Sierra 10.13.6

Does this help? I also tried on my I-Phone without success.


What browser are you using on the Mac?
When was the last time you cleared the cache.
What is the error you are getting?
Can you screenshot it?

Ok, I empty Cache and History through Safari, then went back and attempted to register for the shoot. I enter my card information and click register and it immediately comes back card declined. I could screen shot it, but then my credit card details would be visible on the shot.

Well it this point one of two things are happening your credit card company is not allowing Stripe to process it or something is going on with the club and the credit card processor. My suggestion is to reach out to the Match director at the club and let them know about the problem you’re having.
Everything having to do the actual processing of the credit card has to do with the processor and the club not anything at all with Practiscore.
If you have any other problems Getting hold of anybody or anything just let us know.

I reached out to the club this morning making them aware of the situation and that you might be contacting them. :+1:


Any Luck Clint???