Trouble Locating a Match

I’m attempting to register for an ELR match and cannot find it. I’m using a Mac and have tried chrome and safari and all I can find are pistol matches with no ELR options listed. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @scott_lindy,
Do you know what club is running the ELR match you’re trying to find?

I think it’s rock sold shooting. Joe Burdick

Here you go…

I think it’s rock sold shooting. Joe Burdick

Can you think of any reason why only pistol matches will show up when I search for events? I have one or two more matches I want to look at.

Not sure why you’d only be able to see pistol matches unless you are selecting “USPSA” or one of the other match types on the search screen.

I found the ELR match you were asking about earlier and posted a link to it above.