Tracking audits of shooter-selected pricing

With the wonderful new functionality for shooters to select their own match discounts during registration comes a slight change to the workflow for match directors. In the past, we would either set the price during the shooter approval process (which gets tracked in the shooter list) or refund the discount via Stripe (which gets tracked in Stripe).

Now the pricing occurs up front, and then we check it on the back end, which is totally fine (and great), just would be nice to have a way to track which shooters we have already “checked”.

I envision two options:

  1. Add the price adjustments / price paid to the registration email notification received by the match director, and simply delete / archive the emails as you check them.

  2. Add a check box to the shooter list in Praciscore web that can be saved.

In the meantime, I’ll just make a manual note of where I left off for each match. This is just another one of those “nice to have” ideas to help us stay organized with the auditing process.


Thanks for the idea! Those would definitely be good additions!

What if, for now, you set it up so that you would have to approve each shooter To squad after they’ve registered. Then you can do your checks at that time?

@D.J.Petrou, I always appreciate your willingness to explore additional options. That would absolutely work. From the shooter’s perspective, adding the approval step would undermine the glorious instant gratification that the new self-directed pricing brings to the table. I’m OK with more work behind the scenes to make Practiscore the hero. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

If I’m anything, it’s creative with what I have to work with. :+1::man_shrugging:
Besides, knowing you, you look at your approve/view shooter list everyday lol

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I added placing price adjustments in the e-mail to the shooter and to the match director on the short list for the web team.

  • Ken N.

This info appears to be coming through on the emails now. Thank you! :heart:

I noticed it was coming through yesterday. As MD’s, it’s very helpful. Thanks @KenNelson

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