Too Many Login Attempts

Anyone else have this issue? Every single time I try to log in, I get the error message that there have been too many login attempts and I must reset my password… I can re-use the same password. Then if I log out and try to log back in, I get the same error message and have to reset my password… again…

We are going to reset your account and I will email you a new password.
It probably has something to do with failing logins at some point then it will not reset.
Also using a hotmail email as your email is a problem sometime. We suggest a gmail address if you want it to always work. Hotmail, Yahoo, aol, etc emails aoften cause problems.

Having the exact same problem have to request a new password every time

I will get you reset and email you a new password directly after a webmaster is available to reset it…
You might consider ditching your aol email as a Practiscore account email as the older email systems (aol, hotmail, yahoo) often give our users fits with usage and email receiving. a Gmail account is flawless.
Your login failure is possibly due to bad connectivity (poor networks) and timing out during login attempts. If our system sees multiple failed attempts it will treat that account as spam/hack and make you request a new pass each time.

I have had a data breach and have to reset a ton of passwords. These should be reset periodically anyway, BUT I have searched high and low on this site to find a way to reset the password without success. This should be something that is EASY to find, not hidden away. If it is onsite please direct me, if I need a link please send it and really access to it should be considered in an improvement. Thanks.

Login to your account and go to edit settings. When you’re in there go to account and you’ll see this as part of the window.

Now, if it’s not just resetting your password but you’re getting a too many attempts failure it’s because you’ve logged in numerous times with poor network connection. If that continues to happen let us know we will have to reset the whole shebang.

I am having this same issue. I have tried restleting my password alot of times but i still get this error. Please reset my account?

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