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Probably the worst piece of software ive ever seen.
Start again.

Constructive criticism is accepted on this forum. Being rude to our staff that have worked on this for years is not. Please feel free to ask a question about the website/apps or repost feedback in a constructive fashion.

@Byron_Court you can be well right, but with details you provided on the issue you having the support crew or developers won’t be able to assist you with your issue.

You need to provide some context and details what the problem is.

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Would you care to elaborate?
Which software would that be?
Practiscore scoring application - sure, it’s horrible - especially since you can’t fudge the numbers and get a better score than you would if someone were to mis-read paper scores.
Competitor app - sure, it’s horrible - especially since you can see exactly where you could have won your match. The truth hurts and shows just how much you put into your practices before a match.
The Website - sure does - I mean, you can go there and register for upcoming matches. See where other matches are held in your area that use Practiscore. You can also see your scores after they’ve been posted if you’re not a Cheap ****ard and refuse to pay for the competitor app.

Aside from it being the worst of software on the planet, scores are tallied and posted for all to see in a matter of minutes after the last shots of a match. Edits are seen in the results and you can see those edits… that info has been used to catch cheaters… you’re not a cheater, are you? hmm… makes one wonder at the intent of your harsh posting.

Good day… hope to never meet you


Haters gonna hate. Hmmm. could this be a joke? It’s not April 1. Maybe a test to see how many come forward to defend Practiscore? Go to Practiscore and click on Scores to see 137,890 results found. Click on clubs to see 4,616 results found. A lot of people have figured this out and using it. Practiscore is a tremendous success! Plus the fact that it is free for clubs and match directors to host this mind boggling amount ot traffic and data storage. Seriously, how many terra-bytes do you guys have on your servers to host all of this? If this is not a joke, then Byron_Court is the kind of guy to show up empty handed at a dish-to-pass, then complain about the free food.

Mistakes are inevitable, but the helpful and friendly handling by the PS-support is doubtless very hard to beat!
I made - more than one time - the experience, that decently described problems are overseen by Eugene very fast. He always comes back on a request and often offers solutions.
One of the experiences is, that often the combination of an IOS and an ANDROID device brings salvation.
Let us work together, to make Eugene know any found bug as fast as we can. Otherwise he can not work for us.
Best for all
Tilmann, the Steelman