Shooters not able to squad

I was just notified by a regular shooter that no one is able to squad after registering. I have the radio button set to allow users to squad after registering. Also testing, I discovered that deleting a shooter fails to a white screen that has “True” on it. Refresh takes me back to the user approval list but the shooter is still listed. Deleting the user again produces a red error indicating there was an issue with the shooter.

Can you share the name of the match in the name of the club that is hosting the match so we can look at it?
Have your squads been created yet?

Sorry relied to the e-mail and just noticed it failed.

I also noticed recently that there are a number of scripts from and cloudfair are loading real slow. It takes up to 2 minutes for this script to load.


I’ll see what I can dig into sometime today.

Did you build this match from scratch or is it a cloned match?