Score Editing in IOS Version of PS

Score editing in PS, IOS or Android is an essential part of the scoring segment of the app. However although it is possible to track edits under the red tags that appear, it is not always apparent why scores were edited, who editing them and may create a temptation for changing scores to benefit the editor, i.e. cheating. I understand that the Android version 1.6141 allows password protection to be activated to enable editing. This way a club official, MD, RM, RO etc who has the password can oversee the edit to ensure nothing untoward is occurring.
I’d like to see password protection of score edits in the IOS. Along with this, a pull down menu with the reason for score editing would be a bonus. Can this be done? Would it be of benefit? Has it improved the security in the Android world?

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Hi Bob! I’m not sure all of what you are looking for is possible right now? I will ask our programming team if it is possible and if they can include it in the next update. Our programming team is very busy at the moment, so it may take a bit. Thank you.

Hi Jalise, thank you for your very prompt reply. It appears the Android version has already been updated with this feature, I really hope the IOS programmers are able to emulate. Thank you and yes, I appreciate the programming team is busy and hope we may join the waiting list for update in IOS. Regards, Bob Balsamo, Southern Vales Practical Shooting League in South Australia.