Rimfire Master Award?

Hi, I noticed that there is a Rimfire Master award in SCSA template, but doesn’t seem to do anything, however, the main reason I was interested is there is a club using practiscore for NSSF/RCSA matches, and they would like to be able to quickly identify shooters and placing for those that shoot rifle AND pistol divisions, as is required by RCSA to qualify for prizes. It seems like it would be similar in function to Steel master or Rifle master, but was wondering if it could be a future update for the RCSA/NSSF template. I was thinking the Rimfire Master might do it, but it seems that it does nothing, or we haven’t met the conditions to do so. Steel Master and Rifle master also show in the scores for the template, but also don’t work, I’m assuming because there are no centerfire divisions in RCSA.

Thank you for your time!

@arcrunner to investigate I will need to see your match export file *.psc

Note that SCSA aggregated results like “steel master”, etc are bound to very specific SCSA divisions, so you won’t see results if match is using other divisions. It seems like I had missed to disable these reports for non SCSA matches…

I understand. For some reason I thought that the Rimfire Master would do it, as there is no SCSA Rimfire Master Award. I do not have the match export file as I was only a participant, but the Match director asked me if there was a way to basically get an aggregate rifle and pistol score for all competitors that have shot both, only because I have experience running SCSA matches.

It does make sense that they were intended to be removed for non SCSA match templates.

As a workaround you can use PractiScore Competitor app and select divisions you want to be included in the Combined match results. You can then export the same html/pdf for printing or viewing as you can get in the PractiScore app.

Thank you for the suggestion. I have the Competitor app, but I’m not sure how this will combine times?

For example, one competitor may be participating in limited rifle and pistol open, and another may be in open rifle and open pistol. For RCSA, both scores are considered for placing. But for those that only shoot one division, they are not considered for placements or table prizes.

@arcrunner you are right. It won’t work that way.

You might be able to create your “custom” groups using teams. Basically for all competitors shooting two divisions (rifle and pistol) - enter a team name (e.g. the same as his first/last name). Then set “max team results” to 2 in the match settings. If competitors shot more than 2 divisions you’d have to manually manage divisions that should be included into the “team” standing.