Registration Stays on Processing

Hi, I have a member who is trying to register for our monthly match. He enters all the details on the registration form, puts his mastercard details in and hits register. PractiScore just sits and says processing, nothing happens. He’s waiting 30min with nothing happening. This occurs every month.

I’ve checked with Stripe and their is no declined transaction (no record of it at all). He’s using an iPhone to complete the registration.
Club is Calibre Sports Inc - Saturday 13/2 match. Members last name is Cariello.

Hoping you might be able to see what’s happening.


Anything that is a hang up on the payment side is a stripe direct issue. as we don’t touch any of the monies we have no way to take a look at what’s going on. The only other thing I can think of would be that he does not have a good network connection and it times out.
I’ve seen people with credit cards that will not allow a stripe purchase so he could be having that problem also.
do you know what he is using to register with as far as devices? He might try a different device.

He’s using an iPhone. I don’t know how old or what version of iOS its running.

at first I wondered if he maybe wasn’t entering all the required info in practiscore, but he has confirmed that it changes to “Processing” when he presses the button. Stripe shows no record so must be timing out.


I also have had this same issue.