Registration Removing USPSA numbers after any change

When shooters (or admin) open a Shooter Registration to edit, the USPSA number disappears. When trying to put it back in, it won’t save the USPSA number. If other changes are made (e.g. division, category, etc.), it saves them without requiring the USPSA number to be included (it is marked as required) and therefore dropping the USPSA number completely from the Registration. It does appear to be saving the other changed information. It also appears to have started happening when I made a change to the registration form (grrr…my bad).
Then when running the “Update Classifications” from the “Shooters/Squads” menu (still not working on the “Import/Export” menu), it does not show any of those shooters as missing USPSA numbers. I’m pretty sure it used to list shooters without USPSA numbers on the report.
Help please! Thanks much!
The Match is Prescott Area 2 (Prescott Action Shooters)

I am looking into why the “missing member number” report is not being generated.
When I use the pin number to download your Match I get member numbers for most shooters. Is there something you would like us to fix on the site or is the classification update report all you need?

I looked at the classification report output and the reason it wasn’t showing all of the shooters that were not found is that it wanted a member number in the field. It could handle a bad number, but it couldn’t handle no number. I have fixed this. I emailed you the report. I am adding this change to my next iOS build and posting it to test flight now.

If you have not previously signed up for test flight and would like to run our test builds, use the link above to join.

Thank you Russell!! I appreciate the quick assistance!

Hey Russell - could you please send Nikki (additional admin for Prescott Action Shooters) a request to join test flight too. She is handling the stats at the match this weekend. Thanks much!