Registration opened and 6 folks squadded themselves in Squad 2, we have 13 slots open but it says its full

I opened registration folks are squadding themselves, Squad 1 and 3 look good Squad 2 appears that 6 folks out of 13 squadded themselves now it shows no opening.
Can you help. Match starts next Saturday.


Can anyone help? Not sure how to clear this issue

We would need the match name and the club name to look at it.
Is this a cloned match?
edit: I tracked down your match
based on the Approve/View list you have two shooters not squadded.
This is what I see for squad availability.

Yes in squad 2 you can not add anyone. I told the folks that want to be in squad 2 to not squad themselves yet. I can send you the approved user match list. I did not see anything weird.
If you try to move someone from squad 1 to 2 you get a gold color bar that says 0/13 available where squad 3 says 2/13
I really appreciate your help

Everything is working as it should.
You never answered me if this is a Cloned Match?
If I go to the window shown above. The “Manage Squadding page” and start typing in Matt Meeks in an empty slot it will let me put him there.

If I start typing Takashi it will also let me move him.
I also used the Approve/View list to move Mike Us to Squad 2 and it works also.

If you are getting a “no room” in the approve view list then you will have to use the manage squadding page.

I would suggest they you look at your browser you are using. Or the match is a old clone, Or the network connection you are using. It sounds to me like you are looking at cached files not a current view of the web page.

Sorry yes it was a clone from last month. Let me go take another look
Thank You

And the one you cloned from. Was it also a clone from the month before?