Registration emails have ceased from one club (only)

Hi there,

A couple weeks ago I registered for an NRG match and I never received any of the registration emails. It has been a while since I was at that club but the emails used to work. Other clubs work fine. I had them check the email address and resend the personal management link but I never received it. I just registered for this match with the same result:

Could you please check into this?

Our system is working correctly.
NORCO has their matches set up to only send an email when the shooter is approved. You also cannot squad until you are approved. You are not approved at this time.
Hence, No Emails.
They are not taking advantage of the Stripe system that makes it seamless match mgt. Lots of moving parts the way they are doing it.

I get that. At the previous match, (23 Sep), I paid and I was approved and squadded. When I noticed it on my dashboard, I sent them an email pointing out that I did not receive the match management link email. The said they sent it again but I never got it.

More info: I was approved and squadded for the match on 13 Nov. No emails for that match either :frowning:

During registration, it auto fills your email, go to registration and make sure there are no extra spaces, marks, ETC. error in your email. If it inadvertently put an error there back a ways, the errors will stay until you delete and type it in correctly and register a match? (Even a space ‘before’ or ‘after’ can cause in some cases, especially if email is pasted.)

The email address on the registration was the first thing I checked. I am not sure if this is relevant, but the system works fine for other clubs (as well as having worked in the past at NRG). So, as a test, I just re-entered my email address and asked them to re-send my personal management link. I will report back on progress.


Edit: 11 Nov 21 1618 PST. The club re-sent the email and I did not receive it

At some point our webmaster will be able to look at whether emails are going out to you. (they are buried on other projects at this moment)
We have looked at this situation before for others and every time the emails are leaving our system. I anticipate the same here.
It then falls upon the email service the user is using.
In your particular case I am suspicious of the way NORCO is setting up their matches that is causing these issues. They are working somewhat outside of the PS system and things may not always function as expected.


Thanks, no huge hurry since I can get at the info from my dashboard. Am I correct in assuming that the seed for the email field comes from my PS account settings? I opened a couple match registration pages that I have never opened before and the field seems correct.

In any case, is there a way to add the NRG admin to this conversation? That could help. I have already shared a link to this page but them getting notification may help!