Recent Events in Dashboard not showing up....12:15 CST the problem is now fixed

Edit: 12:15 CST the webmaster has instituted a fix. All should be back to normal.

As of May 1st-ish many matches have stopped showing up on competitors dashboards under the “Recent Events” section.
Here is some info for those interested.

Currently the matches are available to view by searching on the scores tab.They have not disappeared.

So it really isn’t a 1st tier emergency situation, (1st tier is where posting match results are stopped or viewing match results are stopped) just an inconvenience for folks that use their dashboard.

It is more Tier 2 (minor inconvenience but information is still available) which we will, “repair in the near future as manpower is available”.
We should see something in the next week or two. The guys are trying to find time to look at it.

Thanks DJ and thank the web crew!