Problems with Recent Events

Hi, in my dashboard, in “Recent Events” I can’t see my last two races. I have always used the same mail and IDPA ID.
I tried to search for them with the link “” but the system finds two on
you can help me.

Thank you!


Can you share the names of the matches/events please.
What happens if you search for them via the scores page?
If you look at a few of the more recent posts here in the community you will see that there is an issue with recent matches showing up in people’s dashboards. But the results are still available if you search for them. We are working on that glitch.

hi, these are the two events that I don’t find among those I have played:

  1. TROFEO INDOOR CSEN 2021 - I° Tappa - 2021-05-01 - IDPA - “134340”

  2. Fpa Match - 2021-04-25 - IDPA - “133670”

if instead I look for them through the link - SCORES PAGE -I find my correct name and IDPA ID.

If your email is not correctly entered in the match file under your name then the event will not follow you. Check with your match director and have them look in the master tablet and see if your correct email is entered.

I have always used the same email on the PS website, in fact even the automatic confirmation of receipt that I received showed my correct email address.

Let me confirm. You are concerned that the matches are not showing up in your Practiscore dashboard? OR your IDPA number is incorrect?
Have you searched for the match you want via the “Scores” tab on the Practiscore page?
I’m a bit confused on exactly what you are looking for or trying to do.

i am trying to see all the races i have already done in my dashboard

I understand, so currently the FPA from 4/25 is the only one not showing?
This is your current dashboard and the Trofeo match is there.

it’s not there, that’s another FPA match 03/06 I’ve done before, check the date, it’s not the 4/25 FPA match

I understand the May match is not there.
I was trying to get clarification because you asked for the trofeo match too but yet it is there.
We will look at this but as the matche is available via regular search options you will understand it’s not at the top of the programmers list.

Our clubs April match did not show up on the RECENT but the May matches did after the fix.
Understand it’s low priority and appreciate all that you guys do. Thanks Again for making scoring matches as easy as it is these days!!