Pre-registration Code

I belong to a club of 800 members.

I want to open registration to the members for our match before the general public.

If the pre-registration code is only good one time, then how do I send out a mass member email for pre-registration?


Do you manage memberships in Practiscore? If so, you can email all members in the membership administration page.

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 5.54.30 PM

Just be aware that it will email ALL former members and people who requested membership or follow your club. So if you don’t actively delete non-members, you are better off doing the CSV export, filtering the spreadsheet for active members only, and then copying and pasting those email addresses into an email. I always use BCC when doing that so that they don’t see each other’s emails (i.e. privacy).

If you DON’T use Practiscore for memberships then you will need to compile an email list manually.

Make the preregistration codes all the same -

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