Practiscore match registration not visible prior to open registration

I created two matches yesterday, a test match and a real match.
After it was created I was able to locate the test match by searching for it on the website, but when I or anyone else selected it, the registration page was not visible. It appeared to be visible for a fraction of a second then just a black page. I added the Stripe information and may have set the match to open registration, then the match became visible.
I am having the same difficulty with the actual match. The match is not yet open for registration, it can be located on the webpage, but when selected, it presents a blank page.
This is not ideal as I would like to pre-register the ROs and they can’t reach the page to register.
Different browsers were used as were multiple members.
Thanks for any assistance.

If you would share the club name and the match names we would be happy to look into this for you.

Custer Concealed Carry
Custer Concealed Carry 7/25/2020
iphones are the only device that seem to be able to see the registration.
Failed tests included 2 different PCs with different Practiscore users, a Macbook Air, three different Android phones. Three browsers also failed: Edge, Safari, and Chrome.


Nevermind, I cloned the match and the clone works.