Practiscore Donation Field

I have had problems with people registering to an event or match. They have donated the same amount as the event/match fee accidentally to practiscore. Of course, it’s their fault but the field is located such that it can be confusing (obviously). While I think it’s a good idea to donate to practiscore, they didn’t like it too much.
My suggestion: Place the field in a way, that it is more clear to the user that the donation has nothing to do with the event/match fee. I have removed it from the registration page for now but I would like it to be there - just different.
My problem: any way to get the or part of it refunded to a particular user?
Thanks and best regards

Hi Andy!

Any time they accidently donate, please have them contact us to resolve the issue. Currently we are not making website changes due to our developers being on other projects, but I’ll let them know that this is something you’d like to see!

Just FYI, the shooter gets a big huge pop up describing to them what they are paying for on the voluntary donation line! This happens directly after they enter an amount in the donation box. Way before they even register/check out.
We have made this as transparent and clear as possible.
Were you aware of this big pop up???


Hi D.J.

No, I wasn’t aware of that pop up! I was just checking the registration form and found that it can be a bit unclear. But with the pop up like that and the possibility ‘I did not mean to donate’ it should actually be quite clear. Thank you for showing this to me.


You’re Welcome.
With that I have no idea how anyone can pay a $40 match fee and a $40 donation without realizing what they are doing… :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Unfortunately it was a shooting class and 250.- USD. Maybe also a language problem.

The pop up still is there…
I understand the language problem.
If you want to email me with the shooters info we can fix his over payment.
[email protected]

Thank you, will do.