PPC match supported?

How can I set up a PPC match using Practiscore?

@Pat_Kennedy on the web site you can use “IPSC: Handgun” affiliation (aka match template), it has PCC division, as well as the PCC-specific rules.

Though if you are not using online registration you can create match in the app on your phone/tablet using “IPSC: PCC” match template.

@djpetrou @Jay please followup with the web crew about missing “IPSC: PCC” template

Not talking about PCC, but PPC, as Practical Police Course. It’s a fixed time event based on score. Sort of like Bullseye.

@Pat_Kennedy my mistake.

For all “sort of like bullseye” competitions you can start with a “nra action” match type and configure it to match your event setup and used targets. I’d also recommend to create custom match template in the app on your tablet to save some configuration hassle for the subsequent events.

Thanks for the info. I will give that a try.